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First Aid Couch

Product Number: 1201

Premium fist-aid couch is neatly upholstered in health-care approved anti-bacterial, bleach cleanable, heavy duty vinyl. High density foam is used for comfort. Available in black, navy, graphite. 





Wood Core:
5/8" wood core, medium
density, 45lbs. industrial grade particleboard.
Properties meet or exceed ANSI 208.1
specifications. All corners radiused for safety.
Steel Tubular Frame: 1-1/4", 14 gauge steel
tubular apron with 1-1/4", 14 gauge cross
brace supports the entire circumference of the
couch and prevents warping. The frame has
a total of 18" of weld. 4, 1-1/4" fitted tube
closures on four sides finish the frame.
Leg "V" Support: 5/16" diameter type C-1008
cold drawn steel Sigma welded to the leg
mounting plate.
Leg Tube: 1-1/4", 14 gauge square steel
tube. Minimum 4-1/2" of total weld. Unit is
powder painted after all welding is complete.
Standard Metal Finishes:

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