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342 Special Needs • Sensory Stimulation
Therapy Play Sand
Clean, coarse sand for therapy professionals, sand trays, sand & water tables, sensory activity tables and more. Made from soft, feldspar rock and crushed to a granular size range of 0.3 to 0.85mm. Weight 25 lbs.
Ocean Blue
Therapy Sand Tray
Beautifully handcrafted from pine, with rounded
No-Mess PlayFoam®
Squishy, squashy, shaping fun!
Just squish the Playfoam up, shape it however you like, squash it back down, and start over again. Playfoam never dries out so the creativity never ends–and the secret no- stick formula means there’s no mess to clean up afterwards!
edges and corners. 281⁄2"L x 191⁄2W x 3"H.
Ages 3+
EI-1906 EI-1907 EI-1876
Combo 8 Pack $8.99 Combo 20 Pack $22.99 Class Pack (16 super sized pieces in 8 colors)
Hidden Stuff 3-Pack ELP866305 $19.99
Sensory Discs
Captivating, soothing tactile and visual sensory experiences for early learners or those with special needs are deliv- ered with these 5" diameter Sensory Discs. Also perfect for fidgety students, these discs are made for touching, squeezing, exploring and observing! Set includes 1 each of all 5. Ages 5+ ELP866300 $29.99
Teaching Tac-TilesTM
Scaly Stuff 3-Pack
ELP866301 $19.99
Squeezy Stuff 3-Pack
ELP866303 $19.99
Squishy Stuff 3-Pack
ELP866302 $19.99
Fuzzy Stuff 3-Pack
ELP866304 $19.99
Colorful, engaging 2" tiles with rich textures provide a great way to engage a child's senses and strengthen fine motor skills. Reach into the bag to find two matching shapes or textures only by touch, or follow the Activity Cards. Includes 20 pieces in 5 shapes and 4 textures, and
10 Activity Cards. Ages 3+ 1 LER9075 $19.99
Tactile Squeak Balls
Textured balls feature bright colors, fascinating contours and a little “squeak” for sensory learning. 31⁄2" to 41⁄2" diameter. Set of 6. Ages 1+ MTB820 $29.95
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Teachable TouchablesTM
Texture Squares
Young learners build tactile awareness and vocabulary skills as they interact with these 20 texture squares (10 differ- ent pairs) in a variety of activities. Each textured pillow or patch is 3" in size to fit perfectly in small hands. Stores in a handy drawstring bag. Ages 4+ 1 EI-3049 $29.99
Jumbo Sand Tray
Students will love tracing letters and whole words in this jumbo-sized sand tray! 18" x 18" solid wood tray with dark blue laminate bottom. Includes lid and fine grain Safe Sand®, free of crystalline silica. 1
Perfect for fine motor skills development and sensory stimulation!

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